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Monday, 15th of November 2022

NEW Internship Guide in the Toolbox

We have added a guidebook to internships in our Toolbox. Find information on why to do an internship during your studies and where to seek them out. The information is provided both in English and in German.

Monday, 31th of October 2022

FREJDA Talks Sustainable Peace

This time we talk to a country representative working for a Swedish peace organization with capacity building and non-violent methods in Latin America. 

You can find the episode on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and right here on our website.

Monday, 5th of September 2022

FREJDA Talks Surveillance Capitalism

FREJDA talks is back with a brand new episode on Surveillance Capitalism. Our guest expert Yannick Deller, a social anthropology student from Lund University, provides us with an insight into what surveillance capitalism is and contextualizes benefits and downsides of its application in a modern context.

You can find the episode on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and right here on our website.

Monday, 29th of August 2022

New Term New Us

FREJDA has returned from Summer Break. With great new additions to our team we are now back helping students and young professionals of the social sciences connecting to the job-market. This semester two new team members have joined us. Ida is our new Head of Events and has a great event lined up for you in ler on in the term. Meanwhile Fizah has joined FREJDA's IT committee as our first Intern. Specialized in strategic communication she will be part of developing our databank and outreach.

This month we also have some great FREJDA Talks episodes lined up. On the 5th of September we will publish the first episode regarding Surveillance Capitalism. 

We will also continue our series on internships on Instagram (if you would like to become one of our Internship Correspondents get in touch with us). 

We wish all of you a successful start into the 2022 fall term!

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