FREJDA is a non-profit association aiming to make the field of the social sciences more accessible to students and young professionals.

How it all started:

When applying for internships for our second year in the Global Studies Master programme at Lund University, we realised how much we do not know about our future working life and what employers are looking for. Starting as a joke about creating our own internship position, things escalated, and we now have Frejda to guide you (and us) in everything social science. As a non-profit, we aim to provide information about current affairs and the academic theories used to understand them, as well as provide a networking space for students and young professionals entering the field. Responsible for this is our newly elected board.

Meet us

The Board

The Committees


The Content Management committee produces the content for our digital media presence. This includes the marketing of our podcasts and events. 


The Communication and Strategy committee is in charge of building our network of organizations and social science employers for the databank. and administers our website content on  


 The Podcast committee plans and produces the podcast episodes. This entails  writing manuscripts and recording and editing each podcast episode to a finished product.


The Event committee plans, and executes events to teach helpful skills in the workplace. This committee also reaches out to potential collaborators. 

Get in Touch!

Do you have any topics you want us to talk about or suggestions for future collaborations or want to contribute by joining a committee contact us at: