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Ep. 1

Social Media in the Age of Misinformation

In this episode of FREJDA Talks we discuss mis- and disinformation on social media platforms. Why is it dangerous to societal well-being and even established democracies and what is or can be done to regulate it?

Ep. 2

From Peace and Conflict to Business Relations with Thomas Bressler

In this episode of FREJDA Talks we interview Thomas Bressler on his career trajectory from social science into the pharmaceutical field. We talk about what a Clinical CRO is and takeaways from his internships at a think tank and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce of the UK.

Ep. 3

Ecofeminism: a theory with grassroot connections

with Pattanun Arunpreechawat

In this episode of FREJDA Talks, we discuss gender and the environment from the perspective of ecofeminism. Pattanun Arunpreechawat joins us for an interview to present two cases from Thailand – the indigenous Karen people fighting for land rights and the women of Sakon Nakhon standing up against a Chinese mining company. The episode rounds off with a discussion of the critiques against ecofeminism and how to incorporate marginalized voices in academia.

Ep. 4

Labour Market: The links and lenghts to academia

with Daniela Dolenec

In this episode of FREJDA Talks, we interview Daniela Dolenec the labour market coordinator at the Social Sciences Student Union at Lund University. In this episode we sat down to talk to Daniela, the labour market coordinator at the Social Sciences Student Union. After discussing the annual job fair, SAMarbete, we had a broader discussion on the issues that surround the job market for social sciences students and some tips for anxious soon-to-be graduates.

Ep. 5

Surveillance Capitalism

with Yannick Deller

In this episode of FREJDA Talks, we talk about surveillance capitalism with Yannick Deller who studied social anthropology at Lund University. We tackle questions such as what is surveillance capitalism, the benefits and disadvantages of it, what does capitalism has to do with it and what does it mean when our behaviour is “mined”?

Ep. 6

Sustainable Peace: Working with Nonviolent Methods and Capacity Building

In this episode of FREJDA Talks, we talk about the subject of sustainable peace in Latin-America. We are joined by a Swedish country representative who has been working with the application of non-violent methods and capacity building together with international organisations and locally active human rights defenders in Guatemala. We are discussing the international labor market of peace and reconciliation efforts and which background and motivations are helpful to achieve a career in this field.

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